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Janet Jarvis

AIA, Principal, Founder

Janet Jarvis has lived in the Sun Valley area for over 30 years and its natural beauty continues to inspire her.  She knows her clients have a unique connection to their chosen communities, whether their home is a primary residence or special retreat for friends and family.  She understands that every owner has a unique vision of living in their home.

Janet has an exceptional ability to see this vision and translate it into a completed home.  Her list of return clients and referrals is a testament to how closely she pays attention to her clients and works very hard to at every step of the process. 

She educates the client on the best designs for their projects, makes sure not to impose her professional opinion, and steers them through innumerable decisions required to build a home.  Her clients enjoy the process almost as much as their completed project!

Lucas Winter

AIA, Principal Architect

Lucas Winter joined The Jarvis Group January of 2016 with a considerable knowledge of a variety of residential styles, from ornate Victorian renovations to ground-up Mid-Century Modern designs.

His work experience has given him a broad knowledge of every aspect of building construction, planning, execution, and handling of multiple projects simultaneously.

Taking on many roles, Lucas works closely with clients, city officials, and the design team to achieve the desired solutions. He works in ArchiCAD with a strength in technical detailing.


The dialogue between client and architect is about as intimate as any
conversation you can have, because when you're talking about
building a house, you're talking about dreams.
Robert A. M. Stern, American Architect, (b. 1939)

Few dreams are more powerful than that of building a home, of building a place that is personal and enduring.  A home may be a refuge, a place of shelter and comfort; it may be a place to entertain and share; or perhaps simply… a place to say “this is me.”

Janet Jarvis, AIA and her design team are passionate about helping clients realize the homes of their dreams.  Their role is to distill the client’s vision and dreams into architectural reality expressed through the values of aesthetics, comfort and utility.

For over 30 years The Jarvis Group has held our clients first and foremost in our minds as we approach each unique project.  We leave behind preconceived notions and assumptions to begin with a wide open palette and curious mind.  We meet and talk with our clients at length to understand their personal desires and lifestyle – how do they want to LIVE in their home? 

At The Jarvis Group we are honored to be the caretaker of our clients’ dreams.  All of our decisions – architectural style, spatial relationships, colors, textures, construction finishes – are in the service of the client’s vision.


Architecture is basically a container of something.
I hope they will enjoy not so much the teacup, but the tea.
Yoshio Taniguchi, Japanese Architect, (b. 1937)

Clients are more sophisticated and projects more complex than ever before.  Many travel extensively, accessing current trends and far reaching information.  This knowledge becomes part of their vision for their home.  Add to that materials with ever more creative applications and you have a rich and exciting design environment!

Principal Janet Jarvis, AIA and her design team approach to each project with an extraordinary level of creativity, insightful expertise, and hands-on integration.

The first design elements are hand sketches and drawings.  These organic drawings are easy to read, giving the client their first visual record of their project.

  • We walk and view the site numerous times to fully integrate its features and assets, including views, sightlines and topography

  • The proportion and flow of spaces are matched to the client’s lifestyle and goals.

  • Living space is expanded through well designed transitions from indoors to outdoors.

Next, working drawings expand on, refine details and apply computer technologies such as solar studies, exact dimensioning and alternate design solutions. 

  • The design team presents options and ideas the client may not have thought about for comparison and consideration.

  • General ideas become specific in dimension and finishes become integrated families of color, texture and style.


Throughout this process The Jarvis Group works closely with the client, staying on top of details and deadlines, yet allowing time for the process to fully evolve in support of the vision.  Designs are reviewed, and refined again as needed, to ensure a smooth construction process.

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